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The trio

The artists of Stella Luz, meaning starlight, expand the color of folk

music and play their way through centuries and continents with

virtuosity. From the Middle Ages to the present, from the misty north

to the scorching south, from Irish folk to Flamenco, their music is characterized by sweeping rhythms, profound beauty and elegant arrangements.

Old songs tell current stories and Stella's soprano combines with the harmonious voices of Luzgar and Stefan to create touching, timeless sounds.

Left out  Tunes demand lightly with accordion, harp,

Hurdy-gurdy and percussion for the dance: Alors on danse!



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Singer / dancer

Vocal Masterclass by Seth Riggs.

Abducts the listener into worlds beyond time and space.

Passionate percussionista with cajon and castanets.

Enthusiastic hurdy-gurdy and flute player.

Surprises the audience with fast-paced flamenco dance interludes.

Music therapist

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Guitarist / accordionist

Coming from a family of musicians, he plays enthusiastically and brilliantly on anything that has six strings.

Conjures adorable sounds on accordion, flugelhorn, autoharp and with his voice.

Builds devil violins and plays them too.

Leader of a folklore orchestra.

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Harpist / accordionist

Experienced in folk / rock / skiffle and classical.

Makes magical harp sounds pearl.

Passionate and ardent accordion and keyboard player.

Vocally the perfect rounding off.

Head of an Irish folk band.

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0152/31 84 53 25

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Stefan Dietrich
Bornwisch 25 b
22395 Hamburg
Phone: 01525/ 3020792
Mail: info@stellaluz.com